Inclined Thermal Insulation

A lean and lightweight thermal insulation board, the FIBRANxps INCLINE board substitutes for the heavy, noninsulating and often quite thick inclination concrete. FIBRANxps INCLINE boards:

  • reduce the roof's load as with a relatively low density (ρ = 30 - 35 kg/m3) they are much lighter than the heavy inclination concrete,
  • reduce the thickness of the inclination layer; its beginning thickness is only 2 cm as compared to the minimum 4 - 5 cm initial thickness of inclination concrete,
  • enhance the roof's thermal resistance; consequently, the roof's thermal insulation layer will be leaner with the same energy efficiency performance.

FIBRANxps INCLINE boards are used in new construction as well as in renovation projects of flat roofs, terraces, balconies and driveways. The standard compressive strength of inclination boards is 300 kPa, in the case of higher loads, it is possible to produce boards with 400, 500, and 700 kPa, which have higher density.

Standardly manufactured, the boards have a 1,67% and 2,00 % slope. Slopes from 0,67 % to 3,00 % can be ordered on request. Also, on purchase of FIBRANxps INCLINE boards, you will receive a laying plan free of charge.