Elementary school and gym Zagradec

Vrtec Šentjernej
Kindergarten Šentjernej
Kulturno-pastoralni center srbske cerkvene občine
Cultural and pastoral center of the Serbian church community Ljubljana

Elementary school and gym Zagradec

For a public building, the school surprises with an unusually creative architectural design. The low energy building is a good example of energy efficiency prioritization. Reduction of heat losses through the floors would not be possible without the SEISMIC foundation pillow and proper thermal insulation of the perimeter area.

Reference: Elementary school and gym in Zagradec
Location: Slovenija, Zagradec
Year of Construction: 2015

Investor: Občina Ivančna Gorica
Project Architect: Projektant d.o.o.
Contractor: GPI- tehnika d.o.o.
Application: SEISMIC foundation pillow, perimeter