OPTIMO system

Walkable flat roof

OPTIMO roofs are optimally layered flat roofs where the desired slope is achieved with FIBRANxps inclination thermal insulation boards instead of the heavy inclination concrete.

In designing flat roofs – mostly in roofs, terraces and balconies renovation – we are often faced with two key challenges: with the structure's excessive load and the insufficient height which limits our choice of energy efficiency measures. Both challenges are usually connected with the inclination layer, as traditionally, the desired slopes were executed with the heavy inclination concrete.

To reduce the flat roof's load, the OPTIMO flat roof system substitutes the heavy and thick inclination concrete with FIBRANxps INCLINE - lighter and leaner inclination thermal insulation boards which, additionally, improve the assembly's thermal resistance. The OPTIMO system

  • Reduces total flat roof load,
  • Optimizes total roof layer thickness,
  • Improves the flat roof's thermal efficiency.

Assembly of Walkable Flat Roof