The double-layered SEISMIC foundation pillow

The foundation pillow for seismically active regions with  design ground acceleration above 0,1g.

In regions with ground acceleration ag above 0,1g, double-layered thermal insulation of the foundation slab should be installed with the double-sided self-adhesive waterproofing  enclosed between the two thermal insulation layers, thus solving several problems in one go:

  • The waterproofing layer which prevents the entry of water and moisture is protected from damage between two smooth-surfaced thermal insulation boards.
  • With the addition of a special membrane, the health hazardous radon gas can be prevented from entering the building.
  • Basically, this foundation pillow prevents uncontrolled movement of  thermal insulation boards during an earthquake. Consequently, there is no damage to the pipework which penetrates the foundation pillow.

Note: To ensure a perfect grip with the foundation slab concrete, the surface of the FIBRANxps SEISMIC thermal insulation is provided with grooves.

Assembly of SEISMIC foundation pillow

Double-layer thermal insulation