Single-layered SEISMIC foundation pillow

The foundation pillow designed for seismically active regions with  design ground acceleration above 0,1g.

The SEISMIC foundation pillow can be installed with one or two layers of thermal insulation, where a single-layered choice calls for thermal insulation boards with a grooved surface to ensure a perfect grip with the reinforced concrete foundation slab. In this way, there is no uncontrolled movement of  layers during stronger earthquake shocks is.

To prevent waterproofing damages, it is installed onto the foundation slab. If waterproofing is installed onto the relatively rough levelling concrete, it may be subject to damage due to the seismically active grounds in Slovenia.

Note: To ensure a perfect grip with the foundation slab concrete, the surface of FIBRANxps SEISMIC boards is provided with grooves.

Assembly of SEISMIC foundation pillow

Single-layered thermal insulation

  • final layer (e.g. tiling)
  • cement screed
  • FIBRANxps 300-L – pipework installation plane
  • waterproofing
  • reinforced concrete foundation slab
  • FIBRANxps SEISMIC 400-L (500-L700-L)
  • levelling concrete
  • levelling sand
  • gravel
  • compacted soil