FIBRANhydro E-KV-4
FIBRANhydro E-KV-4


Stone wool products for thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire protection in buildings.

FIBRANgeo stonewool is a natural fibrous material, 100% recyclable. It is produced in Greece, from minerals such as basalt, limestone, dolomite, and bauxite, raw materials which are 200 million years old.

The electric furnace method used for its production, being far more advantageous than the blast furnace commonly applied, enables the production of uniform stone wool fibres with excellent technical characteristics. In addition, this innovative method of manufacture, ensures that the levels of polluting sulphur and nitrogen oxide (SOX and NOX) gas emissions are significantly lower than those of the blast method.

FIBRANgeo – thermal protection all year round

Due to its fibrous structure, FIBRANgeo stone wool captures warm static air, reducing the heat exchange between warm and colder surfaces. The material's very low thermal conductivity coefficient and high thermal resistance provides excellent thermal insulation and assures improved comfort both in winter and in the summer.

The properties of the material remain unchanged throughout its life cycle, contributing significantly to the reduction of buildings' energy consumption.

Further, FIBRANgeo stone wool products insulating properties remain unchanged in high temperatures, capable of withstanding the high temperatures occurring in particular applications.

FIBRANgeo – sound insulation – sound protection

FIBRANgeo stone wool absorbs external noise, satisfying the requirements of Sound Insulation Regulations. FIBRANgeo stone wool products present high sound absorption coefficient values and optimum air flow resistivity characteristics. These properties provide increased sound reduction of construction elements and improved acoustic performance of spaces.

FIBRANgeo stone wool is produced with facings for particular acoustic applications. Further, the material's rigidity, yet efficient resilience with very low dynamic stiffness, render FIBRANgeo stone wool the ideal choice for reducing impact noise transmission, in applications such as floating floors, etc.

FIBRANgeo – fire protection

FIBRANgeo stone wool products are non-combustible materials which maintain their properties in high temperatures, with maximum service temperature of 700ºC. Its use in building, industrial and marine applications contributes majorly to the fire resistance of building elements, providing fire resistance of up to 120 minutes.

FIBRANgeo stone wool products constitute the key parts of fire resistant walls, floors, roofs, prefabricated panels, doors and other passive fire-protective systems.