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Business card

Name of the company: FIBRAN d.o.o.
Long name of the company: FIBRAN proizvodnja izolacijskih materialov d.o.o.

Address: Kočevarjeva ulica 1, 8000 Novo mesto, Slovenija

Registration number: 1909746000
Tax number: SI72028432

Checking account

SKB: SI56 0315 0100 0281 244
UniCredit Bank: SI56 2900 0005 0134 695

FIBRAN group

One of Europe's most important manufacturers of thermal insulation, the FIBRAN group integrates a number of plants and companies across Europe. Its beginnings date back to 1974, when  FIBRAN S.A. was established in Terpni, close to Thessaloniki in Greece by Mr. Dimitris Anastasiadis, a fervent advocate of future oriented family business values. This company spirit is still reflected within the FIBRAN group today.

The FIBRAN group manufactures three brands – FIBRANxps, FIBRANgeo and FIBRANgyps. Under the brand FIBRANxps, thermal insulation products of extruded polystyrene are manufactured in four plants – in Greece, Slovenia, Portugal, Bulgaria, and soon also in the Czech republic. Stone wool thermal insulation products under the brand FIBRANgeo are manufactured in Greece, while gypsum boards under the brand FIBRANgyps are manufactured in a plant in Italy.

Either through daughter companies or through a network of authorized branches and representatives, FIBRAN products can be bought across 70 countries worldwide.

Many years of experience in a multitude of countries with different needs and climates have led us to embrace calcite materials and create an impressive line of solutions for a durable and sustainable building envelope.

FIBRAN d.o.o.

The Slovenian company FIBRAN d.o.o. was established as part of the FIBRAN group in 2004 and started its own  manufacturing plant in 2006. After 13 years of tireless effort and hard work, we are proud of being among the biggest European manufacturers of highest quality thermal insulation products made of extruded polystyrene sold under the brand FIBRANxps.

FIBRAN d.o.o.'s plant with two manufacturing lines is located in Sodražica. There, our team is daily dedicating its efforts towards researching new materials and assuring product quality. In line with European standards, we supervise product quality in our own labs as well as in independent certified bodies such as FIW in Munich, Germany, ZAG in Ljubljana, Slovenia and IGH in Zagreb, Croatia.

Company Mission

Our mission is to work well, manufacture high quality products and to both globally and locally contribute our share towards sustainable overall development.

One step ahead

Proudly, with individual FIBRAN team members acting as a united FIBRAN whole, we are not only followers but influencers and creators of new trends in construction, dedicated to the design of new system solutions for protective envelopes of buildings.