FIBRANhydro T-3sk

FIBRANhydro E-KV-4
FIBRANhydro E-KV-4
FIBRANhydro SEISMIC 1,8 sk/sk
FIBRANhydro SEISMIC T-1,8 sk/sk

FIBRANhydro T-3 sk

FIBRANhydro T-3 sk is a one-sided self-adhesive bitumen waterproofing to be used in combination with FIBRANhydro SEISMIC 1,8 sk/sk in the SEISMIC foundation pillow system in high goundwater conditions.

Recommended use:

  • Bitumen waterproofing for single or double laying, with or without surface protection
  • Bitumen waterproofing for protection from groundwater and moisture
  • Bitumen vapour barrier
  • One-sided self-adhesive membrane for joining of two XPS layers within the SEISMIC foundation pillow system, combined only with FIBRANhydro SEISMIC 1,8 sk/sk
  • Bitumen one-sided self-adhesive waterproofing membrane for double layered waterproofing of flat roofs