Commitment to Values and Principles of Responsible Conduct

Integrity, values, and ethical behaviour are pivotal elements that greatly contribute to the growth and prosperity of any business. Therefore, at FIBRAN d.o.o., we steadfastly align ourselves with the promotion of conduct in accordance with the foundational principles of sustainable development across all facets of our operations.

FIBRAN explicitly embraces the ten principles outlined by the United Nations Global Compact. In upholding the fundamental tenets of ethical conduct, moral business practices, and operational standards, we proactively endorse essential principles and values in the areas of occupational health and safety, human rights, labour standards, environmental stewardship, and the prevention of corruption.

These principles play a crucial role in the relationship between FIBRAN and our suppliers and are incorporated into Supplier Code of Conduct. The Code highlights key standards that resonate with our values, and it is incumbent upon every FIBRAN supplier to honour and embody these principles. Moreover, we expect suppliers to ensure that the Code is not only communicated but also adhered to by all their subcontractors.

While the Code remains in effect indefinitely, FIBRAN retains the prerogative to amend it at any time, through any means, and for any valid reason.

Supplier Code of Conduct