FIBRANgyps are basic elements suitable for installation with stud partitions, lining systems and ceilings:

1 ) Plasterboards:

  • stud partitions and ceilings of dry spaces (quality A),
  • stud partitions and ceilings of moist spaces (quality H),
  • stud partitions and ceilings with higher fire safety requirements (quality F),
  • thin, flexible boards for creative interior design.

2 ) Fillers, gypsum based adhesives with different reaction times.

3 ) Metal profiles for stud partitions and ceilings


FIBRANgyps gypsum boards used in the construction industry are manufactured in accordance with the harmonized European standard EN 520: Gypsum boards. The EN 520 standard specifies different types of gypsum boards according to their technical characteristics. The most important types of boards are:

  • Tip A standard gypsum board,
  • Tip F fire resistant gypsum board,
  • Tip H reduced water absorption gypsum board,
  • Tip I higher surface hardness gypsum board.