The quality policy and environmental and health and safety at work protection

The management of FIBRAN d.o.o., Novo mesto has defined the company's quality policy.

It is published in the Quality Management System Procedure Manual and posted at key locations around the company; it is also available on the company's website, so that all interested parties have access to it.

The quality in the company FIBRAN d.o.o. is based upon:

  • mission and vision of the company,
  • environmental awareness of employees,
  • professional competence of each employee,
  • personal qualities and flexibility of each employee,
  • quality of internal processes,
  • upgrading and continuously improving the quality management system,
  • ensuring the competencies of employees,
  • commitment to prevent pollution,
  • commitment to constant improvement,
  • commitment to fulfil legal and other requirements,
  • promoting innovation and useful input from employees,
  • providing a basis for meeting the set quality objectives,
  • annually complementing the quality policy,
  • the observance of European quality criteria that enable the company to compete, expand our operations and increase our market share,
  • observing health and safety at work for all the participants in the system,
  • the constant improvement of working conditions,
  • the satisfaction of our employees, customers, owners and the social environment.

All the employees are informed about the quality policy, objectives and targets as well as goals for environmental protection and health and safety at work goalsduring meetings and through the business information system. By providing information, the management ensures full awareness and understanding of the quality policy and environmental protection. By being familiarized with the policy, the employees are obliged to focus their actions on improving the quality policy, objectives and targets with the aim of improving the quality management system and thus improving the company's business operations. The company management checks the quality policy during management reviews and, if necessary, adapts it to changed conditions in the business environment.