PLUS system

Walkable flat roof

An existing flat roof can be renovated by upgrading with the PLUS system. A thermal insulation layer is added. Optionally, or as needed, a new waterproofing layer is laid, or the inclination slope is corrected.

An existing flat roof with insufficient thermal insulation can be effectively upgraded and its energy efficiency enhanced with an additional layer of thermal insulation. After stripping the upper roof layers, thermal insulation boards are installed on the waterproofing layer and the inverted flat roof's two-levered roof drainage system is put in place. The final layer is a matter of choice and depends largely on our intended use of the roof's surface. However, this upgrade is only applicable if the waterproofing layer is intact. Otherwise, a roof renovation is required prior to upgrading its energy efficiency.

Assembly of Walkable Flat Roof

PLUS system

  • concrete paving tiles on height supports
  • FIBRANxps 300-L
  • waterproofing (if applicable)
  • existing layers (thermal insulation, inclination layer)
  • load-bearing construction